Ice Cream Trucks cascade bountiful blooms for this ‘Flower Flash’ at Rockefeller Center

Botanical designer lewis miller has planted his guerilla-style street art ‘flower flashes’ in empty trashcans and abandoned phone booths across new york city, and now takes to the iconic rockefeller center for an installation that celebrates valentine’s day. parked at rockefeller plaza are two custom-made mister softee ice cream trucks cascading with thousands of multi-colored roses, hydrangeas, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and more. also part of the installation is a bespoke, bloom-covered hot dog cart set at the top of the rock observation deck. The installation has seen two mister softee ice cream trucks park at the entrance to 30 rockefeller plaza, upon which lewis miller design and his team painstakingly cascaded a vibrant display of blooms around the truck.

Courtesy of DesignBoom  / photo courtesy of Tishman Speyer