“Spectrum” Cosimo Scotucci’s installation for Times Square

“Is it possible to create an installation that celebrates people uniqueness while laying the foundation for an inclusive society of tomorrow?”
Cosimo Scotucci started from this question to imagine his latest beautiful installation entitled “Spectrum”. Last time he had created inside the Pantheon the largest darkroom in the world, we talked about it here, an installation that wanted to celebrate people, and in particular the courage and attitude of each of us. This time instead with Spectrum he wants to celebrate diversity and pave the way for a more inclusive society.
New York City will be the stage of his spectacular urban art installation for which the set design is already ready. In Cosimo Scotucci’s idea, Spectrum requires every screen and billboard in Times Square to display a single monochromatic color, creating an ever-changing composition, showing all possible shades of light.

Courtesy of Collateral