Isabella Goldmann The new frontiers of living according to the criteria of Bio-Architecture

Boosting the healthful power of our home is possible. In her book “A BIO ARCHITECT AS A FRIEND – Make Your Home Beautiful And Healthy And Make It The Smartest And Happiest Place For You And Your Family With The IGBI Method” (Bruno Editore), Isabella Goldmann reveals what you need to know to make your home a place of well-being. The book -her first intended for the general public, and the first devoted to bio architecture and interior spaces- is the result of years of in-depth studies focusing on the beneficial role of bioclimatic design in home environments. It represents a key contribution at a time of recent attention to the issues of living, with its implications in terms of health, comfort, space sharing, privacy. A healthy home, before anything else, is a beautiful home. Beauty is the first wellness care that we should be able to give ourselves. And each home, when re-imagined through these principles, can become even more beautiful.  Isabella Goldmann.

The author is an architect, and pioneers the newest trends in the field of eco-sustainable architecture, while working as managing partner of Goldmann & Partners S.r.l. SB, a company which has been for years certified among the best B Corp worldwide. She explains that: “the desire to write this book  explains has grown over years of work and study, especially on the role that an healthier architecture can play on a person’s well-being and health. Many years of work as a bioclimatic architect allowed me to identify positive interest by recipients on these topics. The Covid experience then increased the urgency to offer up my experience, and to suggest a new point of view to people who wish to experience their homes and be aware of their homes’ strong ability to prevent many discomforts, if these are designed with bioclimatic criteria.”









The book covers all rooms in a home, and shows how to transform these into a source of well-being by implementing the IGBI Method – Isabella Goldmann Bio Interiors, which has been developed through over 30 years of experience in bioclimatic architecture. Biolclimatic architecture  is an ancient design practice, which is based on principles including orientation to sun and wind, natural control of indoor thermal conditions, quality of materials, ergonomics, the harmony of spaces, and colours, among others.

The IGBI method is based on three assumptions: WHO, WHERE, and HOW.

WHO: our home cannot be just any home: to be perceived as “ours”, it must speak of us to ourselves.

WHERE: a healthy home must connect to the area in which it is located and consider the orientation of its rooms, its relationship to the sun, the wind, the way it was built, why it was distributed that way, etc.

HOW: based on the above preliminary information, proper solutions for “that” specific house must be implemented. Whatever the budget, any home can be improved, sometimes even without costs.

As long as they make headway in bioclimatic architecture, even the most minor measures can enhance the health-promoting power of our home. And Isabella Goldmann’s book unveils everything you need to know about your house to transform it one of the best allies for the well-being of the whole family.