Bianca Pintan Unique, colourful and modern ceramic creator

Bianca Pintan is a ceramicist and sculptor born and raised in Brazil, now based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Following a captivating inner-call and intuition she began her journey into creating ceramic art. Having always worked hands on, the art of ceramics came naturally to her, as though her hands had memorised these movements before. Bianca allows the clay to guide her into whatever shape is wanting to be birthed, creating an exceptional relationship with her medium. Playing with the textural elements of shape and light, her pieces tell a unique story each time you view them.

Let’s find out what he confided in our interview:

Where did your passion for ceramics come from?
It started from the very beginning when I touched clay for the first time.  From thereon was a process of refining my skills to be able to bring to life one of a kind, unique pieces that I  can visualise in my mind when I close my eyes.

What is your philosophy of work and also life? Where do you get inspiration from?
I love beauty, nature and simplicity, I guess I bring all of that to my work. It may sound cliche but my inspirations come from nature like places I’ve been, things that I saw like plants and animals. Living in Byron Bay and having Tasmania as a favourite Holiday destination has given me so much inspiration in the past years – I’m privileged to find inspiration everywhere without looking for it. For instance, the textural elements of my pieces are related to sand, sand dunes and how the ocean water create patterns on the sand as it moves and the colours are everywhere, in the sky, in the ocean, fishes and corals when snorkelling at Julian rocks, looking at the birds dancing in nature. I love how natural light plays an important role in the perception of colour. 

How does art influence your work? How can art and design coexist in a product?
I had a deep desire of creating something new, unique and with colour, bold and mat colours, like what you see in nature, for me, nature is the ultimate form of art. I feel like colours can change completely the vibe of space and that’s what I see with the pieces from the colours series.  It’s an expression of myself and how I see the world, I am intense! I wanted to create with colours for a long time and took me a quite a while to master the aesthetic that I wanted and that’s what I am showing on this body of work, and for me they are the perfect match of art and design in coexistence – intense matte colours that gets not just me excited but anyone that is presented to the new pieces. 

What is your dream project?
Having my artwork at a few of the controversial and contemporary art museums that have inspired me before, like MONA.

Do you want to confess something that nobody knows yet about you?
The only thing that nobody knows about me are my secrets, and I’ll keep them for me a little longer.