Ezequiel Pini SIX N' FIVE

Six N Five is the creative studio by Ezequiel Pini, an award-winning Argentinian designer and artist based in Barcelona.
Over the last decade, Ezequiel Pini has pioneered the use of 3D to create imaginary, dreamlike worlds in his signature clean and modern aesthetic. His work incorporates different mediums to explore imaginary spaces, moving stories and physical collectibles.
His extensive experience working with esteemed brands and creators, makes him one of the most recognized digital artists at the moment. His work includes several exhibitions in physical and digital, and the recent creation of all Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft Surface wallpaper design, as one of the most important collaborations launched last year with this brand.
His refined imagination, poetic compositions, avant-garde mind, and elegant skills make Six N. Five stand out for its uniqueness and purity of results.

Let’s find out more about him.

How was your passion for art born and when you realized that you wanted to be a visual designer?
From a very young age I liked to draw, to represent my ideas in my own way and with my own language. During high school I also realised that I liked technology, anything that could be related to computers. By the time I finished college, I thought that graphic design was the career that most resembled what I liked, so I decided to start with it. Over time I found not only my own language but as I evolved artistically and technologically, also the direction I wanted to go with my work.

Can you tell us the creative process behind your works? Where do you find your inspirations?
The main advantage of working with digital tools is that there are no limitations when creating anything. Everything is possible, regardless of the laws of physics, gravity, materials or any other limitations we know in the physical world. This is a great benefit to the creative field, as it allows new ideas to emerge. However, it can also be a disadvantage, as being in an infinite field, it is sometimes very difficult to focus on something very specific.
This is why my design process is quite visual, and by having infinite ways to represent an idea, the scope of inspiration is very broad. I try to be very receptive and attentive to everything that happens around me, as everything can be connected in some way or another. I could say that my inspiration comes from visual connections from different areas related to design in general.

What are your projects for the future?
My projects in the near future are oriented towards further enhancing and exploring my language within digital design and discovering new ways and tools inside this field. But with a much stronger interest and development in the physical world, something I have already started to work more on this year. I believe that applying this hybrid approach will allow me to continue to evolve and allow my work to be experienced in different ways.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges for designers working today, and what do you think about social media impact?
I would say that the main challenge is to make your work stand out from the rest, and to have visibility. There are many designers in different areas, doing something different, unexpected and impactful, paramount to highlight our work in this context. Social media functions as a showcase for many of us and has been very important for our generation. These platforms have not only given more visibility, but at the same time direct contact with the public or a potential consumer. In the end it is another way for designers to make their work visible to the world.

Do you want to confess something that nobody knows yet about you?
I have a career of many years as a professional taekwondo competitor. I have been a world silver medalist in individual and gold medalist in team competition. Doing taekwondo, I competed in North Korea, South Korea, China, Jamaica, Italy and other countries. Outside of sports, I have a very intense obsession for plants and gardening.

The Circle, 2022
What If, The Dinner, 2021
What If, Landing Zone, 2021
The Japanese Garden, 2021
Pistachio, 2019
Make room for us, 2022
Two Blocks Chair