Boglioli A Made in Italy key menswear brand

Boglioli is a sartorial brand founded in 1974, in Gambara in the province of Brescia, initially for third-party production, presented its first collection in 1987 at Pitti Uomo and in 2000 launched its K-Jacket, a garment-dyed deconstructed cashmere jacket.

The brand’s iconic model, the K-Jacket represents the ultimate expression of the Boglioli jacket concept. Interpreted in different seasonal keys, the K-Jacket has a completely unstructured design, with a comfortable feel, studied to adapt perfectly to the lines of the body in a synthesis of elegance and relaxation. We talked with Francesco Russo, CEO of Boglioli


Francesco Russo_CEO Boglioli

– What are the biggest challenges you have met in your career?

Since its introduction, the K-jacket has given Boglioli’s growth a significant boost, a deconstructed cashmere jacket with a délavé colour, created by a special garment dyeing process. We have been pioneers and this has become a distinctive trait within the Boglioli brand. The biggest challenge in years has been to develop other product categories, such as knitwear, outerwear, trousers to create a lifestyle proposal. The softness, the use of noble materials and garment-dyed are three strengths that are used for all Boglioli’s lifestyle.

– How would you describe your FW 2023/24 collection?

The new collection tells a strong return to sartorial DNA that celebrates the brand’s lifestyle through a wide and versatile proposal developed to accommodate the dynamic and demanding lifestyle of the contemporary man. Everything starts from the careful selection of the best raw materials, strictly Italian, where natural and noble fibers of the highest quality prevail, giving the same softness. Soft touch is the key-word.

What is the message you want to send, and at what type of man is address?

Boglioli speaks to the generation of young spirited men who enjoy testing the borders between formality and informality. Instinctively unconventional and intimately sophisticated. The Boglioli man is between the ages of 30 – 60 not afraid in breaking boundaries, with a unique attitude, confident in himself. Boglioli can become an inspirational brand for a worldwide customer looking for a more contemporary proposal, sophisticated yet relaxed, unique, quite personal and special.

– What is your main source of inspiration?

Boglioli takes inspiration combining tradition and innovation, the Boglioli collection is inspired by the interaction of these two elements.  Classics are creatively reinvented, with rigorous standards applied to innovative fabric treatments, the finest materials and an unexpected color palette.

– What about your next project?

Sportwear padded outerwear makes its debut, made in waterproof cashmere, and the range of trousers and knitwear expands. The next step towards the total look will be footwear, which will be introduced starting from spring-summer 2024. A flagship store is arriving in London and the first in Asia.

– Outside of design, what are you currently interested in and how is it influencing your design work?  

We are interested how the fashion has an impact on the environment, “Four Elements” is the capsule dedicated to a more responsible and aware attitude. The yarns, in fact, comes from the recycling of cashmere fibers.

Boglioli_Fall Winter 23-24

Boglioli Fall Winter 23-24