Luca Lin ACT N°1 designer "We think about dressing people, not genders"

ACT N°1 is a brand establishe in Italy by designers Galib Gassanoff and Luca Lin.

The name has a precise meaning and it is intended as the designers’ infancy like the first act of their life, which inspired them in developing the brand. Its essence and image It’s all about Its designer’s personal story and multicultural background with a focus on their childhood, home, and lifestyle where antique chinese fine art and azerbaijani craftsmanship collide.

Each season the ACT N°1 show aims to express a story regarding inclusivity and women’s condition all over the world. Hybrid items and landscape prints in a very short period became icons of the brand.

Highly recognisable hybrid items are mix of two different pieces patched into one. For example, shirt attached t-shirts, skirt attached pants, dress attached jackets, etc.

ACT N°1 Fall Winter 2022-23

ACT N°1 Fall Winter 2022-23We talk with Luca Lin, one of the two ACT N°1 designers

– What are the biggest challenges you have met in your career?
Maybe one of the biggest challenge has been to get out and make the brand work both on a commercial as well as a creative POV. Also, getting the attention of big established brands on the collection it has been a crucial sign that we were doing the right thing.

– How would you describe your SS collection?
The ACT N1 SS23 collection has been inspired by the traditional Chinese Theatre and costumes, the masks and rituals that was relived on the catwalk. Some amazing make up artists helped recreate the sharp and multicolored masks seen on the models and the result was stunning. The same colors and patterns are printed on the silk shirts and robes in the collection. Ruffled bright tulle has become also a staple and celebrity stylists always love to pick our most complex items for red carpets and events. The way we treat denim is more and more pivotal in the creative process: an apparently simple material takes up a cotourish sense when cut and paste through pins or supersexy cropped tops and midi dresses with unfinished hems.

– What is the message you want to send, and what kind of woman is referring to?
The message is always an inclusive one. We think about dressing people, not genders. The creative effort is all about offering outstanding pieces to an international and refined clientele that knows the value of Made in Italy beautifully tailored items.

– What is your main source of inspiration?
Life is a source of inspiration. Everyday life is mixed with the beauty of art and crafts, theater, music and traditional Chinese painting and prints. The inspiration comes from art as well as from humankind, in every kind and shape. We do not categorize and we prioritize inclusion.

– What about your next project?
Next project is always a collection apart. Fashion rhythm are very hectic and the season are coming with clockwork precision.

– Outside of design, what are you currently interested in and
how is it influencing your design work?
Art is always a big inspiration and traditional crafts from the past. Past influences present to craft our future world. There is no branches without roots.

Luca Lin Designer of Act N1

Luca Lin Designer of Act N°1