LUCID Video by 3HUND

It’s a dark and beautiful world that German collective 3Hund have created in their eerie and disquieting video, LUCID. Filmed primarily in the staggering, otherworldly landscapes of iceland, the camera slowly floats above valleys and mountains, golden vistas and mossy outcrops before a dull neon light hints at something strange. It’s not immediately clear what the light is, or where it’s coming from, but the visual and emotional effect is instant.


The film was shot on location in Iceland & Austria

Geometric shapes, sharp lines and luminous spheres bisect and redefine the landscapes they are placed in. At times seeming to shiver with strength, the lines and lights confuse the viewer’s sense of scale and perspective. It’s not always easy to tell if something is 2D or 3D, if the shape extends from the landscape or acts as a portal to a landscape of its own. The effect is both alien and futuristic, but also suggests an older, more archaic power — some sleeping thing that’s only now emerging from the surface of the earth. although deathly still, the gradual movement of the pieces is implied. Merging and conversing with the world around them, the shapes at times seem to fizz and crackle and when placed in water appear to wobble and swim. It’s a video that asks more questions than it does provide answers, and instills in the watcher the mesmerizing effect of bearing witness to something that usually goes unseen.

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