KISSA TANTO Italiano-Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver

Tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty.  First we will eat!  Such supreme satisfaction we take from the delicate flavours of Japan and the warmth of ltalian cooking and feel it’s right to bring these culinary forces together to do a little dance.  Why not?  Soul mates are they not with their mutual love of noodles, rice, and proteins in their pure, delicious uncooked form?  Think of the cool elegant crudo and cruda, crisp exotic salads, playful pastas, and rich, tender meats that we shall sink our teeth into.  And whilst doing so, we will drink!  We will wipe the frost off of the Singapore Sling, inhale the burgundy scent of Barolo, sip tiny glasses of fine sake, and down chilly glasses of beer.

And we will laugh, tell stories, escape to soulful places that only great music can take us, and hold hands in dark corners.  So please fix your hair and wipe the mud from your boots and please come in.

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Courtesy of: Interior Design: Ste Marie ©2016
Brand + Graphic Design: Glasfurd & Walker ©2016
Photography: Knauf & Brown ©2016