Transcending Boundaries teamLab @ Pace Gallery

In the mind, there are no boundaries between ideas and concepts, they are inherently ambiguous and influence and interact with each other. In order for ideas and concepts to be expressed in the real world it is necessary to have a physical material substance through which they are mediated. Boundaries are created when ideas and concepts are materialized in the real world.

Within the digital domain, art is able to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries. Digital technology allows art to break free from the frame and go beyond the boundaries that separate one work from another. Elements from one work can fluidly interact with and influence elements of the other works exhibited in the same space. In this way, the boundaries between art pieces dissolve.

“Trascending Boundaries” at Pace Gallery, London 

Jan 25, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017

‘Universe of Water Particles’, by TeamLab, 2017

‘Dark Waves’, by TeamLab, 2017

Flowers and People, 2017

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