Il Locale Florence

LOCALE is placed in Florence’s Via delle Seggiole, between the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Croce, a few steps from the Museum of Bargello and the Casa di Dante Alighieri, the prestigious building was once part of the Palazzo delle Seggiole, first constructed during the Italian Renaissance.

Locale’s modern take on traditional cuisine and expert blending of contemporary design within its fifteenth century interiors together offers diners a unique culinary experience. Interiors designer, James Short, takes patrons back to the Medici court of the Grand Duke Cosimo I creating a place for commune and conversation while 28 year-old chef Fabio Silla’s Italian culinary menu touches upon Tuscany’s vast region with dishes modernized through his ideas, inspirations and culinary technique.

A stone staircase descends to the second floor that leads patrons to a new point in history.   The stairs whose origins are traced back to the middle ages feature a vaulted-tunnel one can image lit by torches which bend around a corridor and opens to a vast and spartan space with large communal tables, robust leather chairs, tapestries and a massive geometric counter.

Photo courtesy of Marco Mori-Edoardo Abruzzese/New Press Photo