Matrice – Giuseppe Penone Fendi Hosts First Contemporary Art Show in Rome

Fendi is hosting the groundbreaking exhibition : Matrice, featuring the works of celebrated avant-garde artist Giuseppe Penone. The exhibition features fifteen different pieces, created over the past five decades of the artist’s illustrious career. Penone’s sculptures combine materials such as wood, wax, leather, marble and bronze, with a fascination for the transformative forces of nature. The connection and tension between nature and humanity pervade his work, evoking themes linked to ecology and environmental conservation.

“Trees appear as solid beings, but if we observe them through time, in their growth they become a fluid, malleable matter. A tree is a being that memorizes its own shape and this shape is necessary to its life. Therefore, it is a perfect sculptural structure, because it carries the necessity of existence.” – Giuseppe Penone

Photo courtesy of Fendi