The Bright Simplicity Ray Oranges

Ray Oranges
has always lived life in full color. “I always think about the blue of the sea I could see through the windows [of my home]… the soil of my father’s boots when he came back from work… the color of the oranges my mother put on the table during winter,” the
illustrator says when we ask him to describe his childhood. It transpires that learning that he was born and raised in the picturesque, seaside Italian region of Calabria is reason enough to understand his art.

Chances are you’ve been a happy witness to one of Ray‘s illustrations, either staring down from a billboard, or up from the cover of a magazine. With clients around the world such as Airbnb, Monocle magazine, Sephora and Coca Cola to name but a few, his illustrations’ bold graphic patterns, saturated colors and intense motion have the tendency to not go unnoticed, or as he puts it, to make “the world more interesting.”

“I like to go directly to the fundamental idea. I love playing with shadows, gradients and shapes, and when I finish drawing I cancel all the distracting elements” Ray Oranges

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Courtesy Images of Ray Oranges