THAT SUMMER A New Andy Warhol Documentary

That Summer is an upcoming documentary that will not only star Andy Warhol, but use footage shot by the pop art maestro himself. Set to be directed by Göran Hugo Olsson, the visual archive will detail the outrageous gatherings of Warhol’s Montauk home throughout much of the ‘70s. The Long Island beach house was considered an outside oasis for many artist’s of the time. Liza Manelli, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis were amongst the A-list clientele who would frequent the home — partaking in all kinds of debaucherous activities. Although no release date has yet been confirmed for the film, stay tuned for upcoming details.

Olsson’s experience editing footage to tell a cohesive story will prove essential to the task of bringing some much-needed humanity to the enigmatic, often misunderstood figure Warhol has become. Black Power Mixtape, the film that put Olsson on the map, was made up entirely of footage shot by Swedish journalists and tells the story of the American Black Power movement. The director is using the same technique with never-before-seen footage that Warhol filmed in the estate, with Olsson’s curation allowing the artist’s home videos to take center stage.

As of now, the documentary has no set release date.

Courtesy of Hypebeast