The Perfect Statement Five Fashion GIF Artists We Love Right Now

There’s an art to creating the perfect fashion GIF. You only have a short moment to make a statement, so you better make it matter – and every little detail is important. Fashion, like most things, is best experienced in motion. Addictive, elegant, inspiring and sometimes hilarious – here are five digital artists taking the fashion GIF to the next level right now.


The Italian-based collage artist has been taking over Tumblr with his cheeky mash-ups blending Dali-esque absurdism with high fashion editorials. Trussardi, Missoni and Christian Louboutin are just a few of the brands that have called on his montage magic.

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Magdalena Marcinkowska’s collages are an expression of her love-hate relationship with mainstream fashion and media.

The Polish illustrator, who works as a textiles designer by day, uses layered images and geometric patterns, to juxtapose a celebration of sensual feminine beauty against the reality of the body insecurities reinforced by advertising.

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If you’re over seeing the same old fashion week photos, then let us introduce you to the work of Varvara Frol. The Russian-born artist and photographer brings street style moments to life with her animated images capturing glamour on the move.

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Ana Rita Ramos is a Portuguese designer creating beautiful moving images. Her ‘Black Edition’ series fuses fashion portraiture with the natural world in monochrome. Delicate, feminine and favouring the subtle, Ana’s GIFs are a moment of calm in a frantic world.

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Freddiemade, manipulates classic fashion photography, fine art and pop culture images to create surreal collages. Brash, funny and irreverent his visuals take on everything from Kris Jenner to Horst.

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Courtesy of Hunger TV