Grand Ferdinand Hotel Reviving Vienna’s Past

Grand Ferdinand Hotel in Vienna revives the magic of city’s past. Located on Schubertring – Vienna’s historic boulevard – this reconstructed, old office building nods to the Austrian design tradition.

Conceived by Florian Weitzer, the interiors were executed by Atelier Heiss Architekten. Upon entering the light-filled lobby, one faces a beautiful setting. A taxidermied horse symbolizes Vienna’s 19th century carts that passed on Schubertring. A chandelier with real candles hangs at the centre and adds a retro feeling to the interior. The concept was to make the hotel accessible to many, so the room options vary. More affordable dorms, equipped with mahogany bunk beds, were inspired by the Orient Express. Standard and deluxe rooms weave modernity and the elements of the past. Dark wood floors and charcoal grey walls are complemented with elegant details, such as leather-framed mirrors, ceramic light switches and glass-block showers that were popular in the 1950s. The majestic Grand Suite features Terrazzo floors, Persian carpets and antiques that bring an eclectic spirit to the entire concept.

An air of unassuming luxury surrounding Grand Ferdinand is also displayed in the services. A courtyard garden is a hidden gateway that allows to appreciate the old architecture covered with ivy. A small, intimate rooftop pool invites the guests to catch a panoramic glimpse of Vienna. Similarly, the buffet breakfast served at the Grand Etage is no ordinary experience. At the main floor, one will find two restaurants that bring the traditional Viennese cuisine to spotlight. The Gulasch & Champagne bar is a meeting place for locals who gather after visiting nearby theaters and the Opera for a small, evening snack and a glass of bubbly.

Grand Ferdinand offers a truly original experience. Interiors take you on a journey through Vienna’s design history, put into a modern context. The aim to revive Vienna’s heyday is executed in every detail and reminds of the essence of travels – to understand and feel the genuine character of the place.

Photo Courtesy of Grand Ferdinand
Courtesy of Trendland