Introducing IIUVO A Fresh Scent


IIUVO’s brand name takes inspiration from the Latin verb iuvo, meaning ‘to help, aid, assist’ and ‘to please, delight, gratify’. This new fragrance house was founded by creative London-based duo Leo Gibbon and Tomi Ahmed. Gibbon is the son of a florist and interior designer while Ahmed cut his teeth under the leadership of Adrian Joffe at Comme des Garçons.

Championing simplicity and high-quality ingredients, the brand has launched with three unisex fragrances: Ajon, Emmie and Woodgrain, the latter of which was inspired by the lyrics of southern hip hop. Handcrafted in the south of France, each scent aims to transport your senses, be it to a bygone Parisian florist, the inside of a vintage Cadillac or even a gold chain-heavy hip hop den in the deep south of America. The fragrance house is rooted in nostalgia, and this trio of candles is only the beginning for the ambitious pair, hoping to shake up the perfume industry one scent at a time.


50 €
Courtesy of LuxuryLondon