Coco Pink Princess 6-Year-Old Japanese Instagram Star Who Dresses Better Than Most Adults


Instagram: @coco_pinkprincess
Followers: 12,100
Who: Coco, a stylish 6-year-old child who dresses better than most adults
Current location: Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Why you’ll like her: This street style star in the making is a chic outlier in the world of well-dressed tots! Unlike her fashion-conscious peers in, say, Russia , 6-year-old Coco isn’t so hung up on looking stereotypically adorable. Instead, she takes a more rebellious approach to her wardrobe, preferring pint-size looks with a more Vetements-like flair. Her ensembles range from punk—think, a puffer jacket thrown over a white button-up, worn with black track pants, teeny Vans, and a red beret—to more kawaii; Coco can easily rock Pepto-pink track pants and a matching Comme des Garçons Girl messenger bag, for example. She’s totally in on that cheeky normcore vibe too: In fact, this cool little lady makes an “Ikea”-emblazoned messenger bag and Nike dad hat seem next level.

Her love for fashion started early: According to her mother, Misato, Coco started to take an interest in shopping and fashion around the age of 3, but “she was picking out a pink dress from her wardrobe from the age of two!” writes Misato.

Coco has friends in high digital places: Remember @internetgirl, aka Bella McFadden, the college dropout who now runs a mini-empire selling noughties-era clothing on Depop? Turns out, McFadden and Coco are friends in the Instagram-verse, too. Cute!

Fun fact: Turns out Coco’s love for fashion is hereditary: Her parents own a vintage store called Funktique in Tokyo. You can follow them here on Instagram @funktiquetokyo.

Courtesy of  Vogue