Faith And Fiction Captured By Maury Gortemiller


Living and working in Atlanta, Maury Gortemiller captures strange happenings in everyday life. ‘Do the Priest in Different Voices’ documents an imaginary faith, inspired by memories of his own encounters with religion.

The series ‘Do the Priest in Different Voices’ presents Gortemiller’s keen eye for uncanny compositions and evidence of the mythical in the mundane, envisioning a ‘day in the life’ style account of the writer and photographer’s personal, fictional religion. Gortemiller imagines new rituals and symbolism, alluding to “objects and situations that are alternately ineffable, laughable, and at times terrifying.” About the series, he explains, “My most profound childhood memory involves reading a family bible. The illustrations, mostly Baroque-era paintings, did not function as a mere visual embodiment of the text. Rather, the pictures communicated in a far more powerful language, evoking both comfort and trepidation. The words of the book provided little interest, but the imagery moved me to contemplate the unseen. It is the pictures I remember – not the words.”

Courtesy of  ignant