Wire Covered’ Tetchan Yakitori Bar [Tokyo] by Kengo Kuma


Brightly coloured wire drapes cover up the walls and furniture of Tetchan, a little bar that serves grilled meat skewers known as Yaktori. Located in Kichijoji’s Harmonica Yokochi (Tokyo close suburb) in an alley that retains the atmosphere of the post-war black market trays.

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed this hairy décor by applying draped cables over the interior’s surfaces. As a result, there was a kind of fantastic interior, where the forms are dissolved, and only materiality and color are shown. It is mostly made of recycled materials. We applied recycled LAN cables, which we call Mojamoja – to describe its shaggy, wooly look – and what is called acrylic ball (left-over melted acrylic byproduct pieces) to everything from interior materials to furniture”, the studio explains. As the result, some amazing interior emerged, where form becomes invisible and only materiality and various colors appear as if floating in the air. It also came to match well with the wall painting by Teruhiko Yumura”, they add, having transformed the bar into a surrealistic piece of art.

Courtesy of  trendland