From Picasso To Brâncuși The Modernist Shapes Of Danse Lente’s Handbags

Danse Lente, the London-based women’s accessory label, is making modernist waves with their art inspired handbags. From Brâncuși to Picasso, Youngwon Kim’s designs have their basis in the famed work of modernist artists. The Korean-born designer is based out of London, and there, working with a team of skilled craftsmen, her inspired collection has taken form. Danse Lente means slow dance in French, a name that inspires day-dreams where we are racing around Paris with our Bauhaus bag swinging artfully from our arm. Following the functionalist lines of the Bauhaus, and utilizing the shapes oft favored by the modernists, Danse Lente offers contemporary pieces that are guaranteed to let you live this whimsical daydream for years to come. 

Courtesy of Ignant