Tyler Spangler "Designs are colourful and unabashedly chaotic"

Tyler Spangler proclaims that his “designs are colourful and unabashedly chaotic,” and they are. A design college dropout, psychology graduate, and ex-punk, he freelances in the music, surf, and textile industries. It’s easy to see in his work the influence of all of these elements.

Spangler’s all-over compositions build nearly impenetrable walls of two-dimensional chaos. Ruptured Theory is an almost frustratingly egalitarian composition, where yellow, pink, and blue-grey blemishes obscure a blurry tree scene. The more time spent with the work, the more intriguing it becomes, because it’s easy to find equal interest in each bright and textured piece of the barrier.

Tyler Spangler lives and works in Pacific Palisades, California.

Courtesy of kolaj