There is a true simplicity and beauty in the work of Diego Cabezas. The incredible sculptures that resemble line drawings come to life through intricate details making them appear three dimensional and abstract. Based in Barcelona, a city to numerous painters, writers and architects, Cabezas studied sculpture at Pablo Picasso art school at the age of 19 and since then couldn’t stop his curiosity for experimenting with materials and anatomy. In fact, his fascination began when he was a child, playing with papers and plastics, and simply loving to do things with his hands. Living in a city that is always evolving and attracting creative people, it didn’t take long for Cabezas to integrate into Barcelona with like-minded artists, designers and sculptors. After all, it was home to Picasso, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and many more famous artists of that time. Over the years, his work has evolved from intricate and voluminous to more minimal and feminine aesthetic, bringing focus to the form. Predominantly working with metal, a sturdy material, it took years for the work to become effortless. Referencing the geometric carvings and lines, Cabezas’ portfolio offers more than mere decoration. His collections translate bespoke pieces for art and design enthusiasts into simplified forms and timeless shapes.

Courtesy of yellowtrace