Whimsy And Wonder: Cecilie Bahnsen Pre-Fall 2018

Cecilie Bahnsen creates garments for her eponymous Copenhagen-based label that are voluminous, yet light; feminine, but paired with kicked-out trainers; sculptural, but entirely wearable.

There is a Victorian edge to the childlike silhouettes of Cecilie Bahnsen 2018 Pre-Fall, a collection which includes dungarees and full-skirted babydoll dresses in equal parts to rich black velvet, ribbons and quilting set against white satin, gauzy overlays, and short hemlines. With a tonal palette of black and white, Bahnsen has added in a rich yolk yellow that brings warmth and color depth to the collection. Of this, she explained in a recent interview: “There is a cleanness and purity that comes with it [the color palette], it’s a fresh burst of air…then you can take in everything else that is going on.” Her lookbook was shot in an artist’s studio; where indeed there seemed to be much going on. An appropriate location given that Bahnsen has likened her designs to artworks and that their forms—particularly in this collection—have taken on striking sculptural forms.