Mermaids invade Los Angeles in Olivia Erlanger’s installation

For several weeks these photographs are have become viral on Instagram, the reason?
They transform everyday life into something extraordinary, where the mermaid’s tails come out from a washing machine in a Los Angeles laundry. The project is called “Ida” and it’s an installation designed by artist Olivia Erlanger, presented by Mother Culture, a contemporary art gallery and cultural platform of the city. In addition to esteemed qualities of her work, Olivia explains:

“I’m interested in mermaids as a kind of pre-gender or genderless archetype, a representation of a chimeric existence that I feel we each take on as different environmental pressures effect a transformation of sorts; when they are presented as female, mermaids bring up many questions of mobility, not only in a physical sense but also ones around the agency Ariel, for example, gave up her voice to walk on land”.

Courtesy of collater