Once I Fell In Time, the suspended objects of May Parlar

What will happen to all those memories that will end up being forgotten? With the series of shots Once I Fell In Time, photographer May Parlar investigates the meaning of identity, perception, and belonging. May Parlar is a photographer and video artist graduated in Architecture and Sustainable Design. At the centre of her work is her interest in examining the human condition in relation to what came first and what will come later. In this latest project, she has photographed a series of temporary installations of objects suspended in different contexts and natural landscapes. The materials, chosen by the artist, such as rubber bootsshirts or balls, are arranged according to curved patterns, following or contrasting with what surrounds them. The objects represent the people and the memories that will be forgotten, but not lost forever, they will go back, they will be recycled, ready to become someone else’s.

Courtesy of  Collater