MATERIA MADRE is the name of Lucamaleonte’s first personal exhibition, which will be possible to visit at 7thanta Gallery in Milan.

From November 22nd to December 22nd it will be possible to visit “Materia Madre”, the first solo Lucamaleonte‘s exhibition at 7ettanta6ei Gallery, in via Felice Casati 39 in Milan. For those who still don’t know him, Lucamaleonte is one of the leading exponents from Italian and international street art. The event will feature twenty-four works in acrylic on wood and one on canvas, and two wallpapers will also be presented. The latter was created for PPPattern, a digital store created by the collaboration between Renato Fontana, creator of ITALIANISM and the creative director from Printaly, Andrea Cadorin.

The exhibition was curated by Alessandro Erra who defines the artist as a contemporary classicist inspired by ancient books on zoology and botany; to give the title to the exhibition is wood, the beginning, and end of its artistic research, therefore “mother matter”. Lucamaleonte’s works represent a meeting point between form, color and matter, where nature where nature is told through the artist’s creativity.

WHEN:22 November – 22 December – 7ettanta6ei Gallery, in via Felice Casati 39 in Milan

Courtesy of  collater