Bauhaus exhibitions celebrating the Bauhaus 100th anniversary in 2019

As the Bauhaus 100th anniversary approaches in 2019, we look forward to the exhibitions shedding light on the school and consequent movement of modernism. From its founding in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar, and subsequent closure in 1933, the Bauhaus theories and ideas spread out across the world through the architects (and their pupils) who attended the school to many different geographical places. Germany’s ‘Bauhaus Imaginista’ programme features four exhibitions worldwide (China, Japan, Russia and Brazil)  that are happening this year and next, while a string of institutional exhibitions across Germany look at the waves Bauhaus made in the nation of its founding…The Bauhaus Imaginista programme moves beyond the framework of Bauhaus in Germany (1919–33) exploring its international reach. In an exhibition as part of the ‘Learning From’ series of events, SESC São Paulo and the Goethe-Institut São Paulo present an exhibition that looks at the role of Bauhaus in areas of premodern, indigenous and precolonial craft practices in the American continents.

The exhibition is located at São Paulo’s SESC Pompéia, a former factory converted into a cultural centre by Lina Bo Bardi. Inspired by the Bauhaus, Bo Bardi established the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC), in 1951 at the Museum of Art São Paulo (MASP) and her work is present as a thread throughout the exhibition.

Courtesy of Wallpaper