Virgil Abloh 12-story sculpture for louis vuitton pays homage to wizard of oz

Virgil abloh has installed  at several locations including new york and japan as part of a conceptual retail experience. sitting high above new york city’s 5th avenue, the standout is a 12-story holographic figure which serves as a reference for abloh’s S/S 2019 collection for.

The louis vuitton men’s spring/summer 2019 collection is inspired by the 1939 cinematic musical classic ‘the wizard of oz’ with pieces in the collection featuring bright red poppy fields and rainbow slashes. to celebrate the collection’s launch, abloh has also created special window displays consisting of saturated skies, fields of flowers and the yellow brick road. as part of the spectacle, a 12-story technicolor figure is displayed on the corner of louis vuitton’s  new york store, creating an optical illusion of a gigantic manikin on the street designed to be viewed from an exact point that reveals the correct perspective.

the installation was shared by abloh who took to social media to share glimpses of the installation whilst also posting artworks installed in japan and china. a similar sculpture takes on a crouching pose, set over two floors at japan’s harajuku station.

Courtesy of  DesignBoooom