Ancestral Retromirage Okuda’s sculpture in the coldest part of the world

Spanish artist Okuda has defied the cold and snow and created his latest sculpture, Ancestral Retromirage, in the coldest part of Russia (and of the world). We will never tire of the multicolored sculptures by Okuda, Oscar San Miguel’s stage name, which for some time now have brought a breath of fresh air of color to city centers such as Moscow, New York, Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Paris. For his latest work entitled Ancestral Retromirage, however, he thought of moving away from the metropolis and pushing beyond the boundaries of what is possible. This sculpture was installed on the shore of Lake Sajsary in Jakutsk, a port city in the region of Jacuzia (or Sacha), located in the most eastern part of Siberia. By choosing this location, Ancestral Retromirage has become the northernmost sculpture in the world. The subject of the 4-meter-high work, which represents a head crowned with four points, is inspired by the traditions and mythology of this region of the world, strongly linked to atmospheric conditions.

Courtesy of  collater