Thomas Barbèy surreal black and white photomontages

Born in Geneva, Thomas Barbèy started drawing at the age of thirteen, perhaps inspired by the Caran D’ache factory he saw from his windows at home. Then he approached photography, began to travel and get inspired by the places he visited.So, inspired by the exotic landscapes of Asia, the skyscrapers of New York and the beauty of the palaces and canals of Venice, he began to combine and superimpose the different views he immortalized in his shots.

The keywords are two: black and white and surreal. All the works he creates are artistic exercises, not made for clients, but for pure pleasure. The only absolute judge is the taste of Thomas, who has always said that his works must pass the “So what?” test. If, looking at one of his works, he has to say this sentence, then it’s not a well done job and he starts again. So what? What are you waiting for to discover Thomas Barbèy’s works in our gallery?

Courtesy of  Collateral