Zim & Zou bring nobel prize winning literature to life in colorful paper forms

Experience prose in physical forms at ‘sharing worlds — the nobel prize in literature’ exhibition in la mer, dubai. amid the other artists featured at the exhibit, two stories in particular stand out. french artists zim & zou brought ‘one hundred years of solitude’ and ‘kristin lavransdatter’ to life, erecting tall mountains, colombian plants, and countless other details from colored paper.

zim & zou is comprised of lucie thomas and thibault zimmermann. while their portfolio is diverse in colors and styles and subject matter, their medium (paper art) connects all of their work together. here, they’ve tasked themselves with honoring two great nobel prize-winning authors and their magnum opuses. This first story in red, many will recognize, as fourteenth century norway, richly depicted by sigrid undset’s protagonist in her historical fiction epic, ‘kristin lavransdatter.’ undset is described by many to be norway’s most beloved author, partly thanks to the historical accuracy and lyrical beauty she illustrates for readers.

Courtesy of  DesignBoom