In Break/Fast Tessa Dóniga plays with words and images

Tessa Dóniga is a bilingual photographer and it is from her ability to easily translate sentences from English to Spanish, and vice versa, that her photographic project Break/Fast was born. Tessa started with the word breakfast, she divided it into two words: “break” and “fast” and she combined the three concepts in a single image.

“Break/fast” is an abstract and absurd work born from the literal appropriation of the word “break” from the word “breakfast”.

In this way we see a very personal interpretation of still life, in images that depict foods of classic breakfasts, but all suddenly broken. Crushed cereals, a jar of beans cut in half, a box of bread cut with an axe and so on. Inside a world similar to ours and surreal at the same time, Tessa shows how a breakfast can be broken. Some of the objects and foods in the Break/Fast photo series were made specifically for the project, others were added or modified in post-production. If you are curious to discover the whole process I invite you to go and see her website, but first, look at the beauty of her shots in our gallery.

Courtesy of  Collater