VIC MATIĒ launches #thenewpowergeneration

#thenewpowergeneration is the new project with which Vic Matiē continues to talent scouting and to support the creativity of the new image makers generation: photographers, stylists, video makers, directors, illustrators and independent magazines are invited to express their own point of view on fashion through their aesthetic and creativity during a virtual residency on the @vicmatieofficial instagram account. Started in April 2019 #thenewpowergeneration will host 4 authors: the fashion editor Moreno Galatà, the indie magazine Loom – est founded by fanny Muggiani Piccioli and Francesco Arena Chartroux – respectively editor in chief and art director, the stylist and art director Francesca Natali, the director Giulia Achenza. The residencies will take place until July when the first Vic Matiē Man FW19_20 collection, presented to international buyers and press the last January, will be launched on the brand instagram account and online store with a project created by the film maker Michele Foti, the photographer Marta Marinotti and the stylist Veronica Panati. From 2017 Vic Matiē has tied up its own visual identity to the creativity, the independent and contemporary vision of new authors. They are emerging talents which strength is firmly linked to the here-and-now and to the generation to which they belong.




Freelance stylist and Lurve magazine fashion editor, Galatà is trained by Manuela Pavesi who helps him to refine the counterpoint exercise. He has worked with leading names in international photography including Martin Parr, Anders Edström, Elfie Semotan, Jordan Hemingway, Ola Rindal.


A bi-annual, printed trend magazine founded and produced by Fanny Muggiani Piccioli – editor in chief- and Francesco Arena Chartroux – art director, which intertwines the work of emerging artists who talk about fashion, photography, visual arts and travel, and with their visions give shape to the macro themes of the contemporary aesthetic.


Art director and stylist, is the mind behind the very young Studio Ventisei e-store, specialized in the sale of emerging brands. Francesca’s work shows her interest in fashion as a cultural, historical and social phenomenon, and a natural inclination towards balance and elegance. He has collaborated with Ter te Bantine, Hache, Croff.


Director, she won with her first film the Best Italian Fashion Film award at the Milan Fashion Film Festival. Giulia has an intimate, passionate, dramatic style, marked by strong contrasts and rich in references to the great noir cinema. She has collaborated with Antonio Marras, Alice Firman, Saba Italy, Nemozena.