You survived July, Virgo, but now it’s time to thrive. After one of the most intense, soul-crushing Mercury Retrogrades on record, you’re so ready to say goodbye to all that stress. The typical tech fails, communication breakdowns and general exhaustion happened during eclipse season, amplifying your angst and bringing a special emphasis to your house of friends and goals. If you experienced any setbacks, don’t despair – because all the karma is about to come correct. August is a beautiful month for healing, with the Sun, Mars and Venus all lining up in your retreat zone. Our main astro-prescription is going on holiday, but if you can’t make that happen, just schedule self-care mini-retreats into your daily life. That could be a quick massage or mani-pedi on your way home from work or a warm bath with essential oils at the end of the evening. Just make sure you put on your own oxygen mask first – especially for the first three weeks of the month.

The Full Moon lands in your work zone on the 15th, so you might find yourself bucking up against an intense deadline. This is when it’s even more essential to de-stress and treat yourself with extra TLC. After the 23rd you come fully back to life as the Sun marches into your very own sign for its annual visit. This is IT, Virgo – the beginning of your birthday month. Note this date: the New Moon lands in your stars on the 30th, so set detailed intentions for your next six months of success, professionally, personally, and in every way that it matters. Put it in writing, and check your list next March – this is an incredibly powerful moment for your stars.













 Courtesy of  Elle