Mario Tsai ‘From The Structures’

From The Structures’ is the first solo exhibition of Chinese designer Mario Tsai features two minimal lighting installations and two sets of sleek furniture works curated for Tortona Design Week in Milan, Italy. The works in the exhibition display Tsai’s contemporary production techniques, merging the fields of art, design, and technology. Tsai’s works encompass simple, geometric shapes, that aim to achieve “a soft minimalist state with less materials”. A prominent component of the exhibition is the arresting ‘Mazha’ lighting collection, an installation abstractly based on the cross-shape of the traditional Chinese mazha seat. The suspended lights hang from wires and can be configured in different ways; adapting to the atmosphere of the space. Tsai’s material-led approach is further reflected in his range of tables; the steel ‘Press’ tables were created by bending sheets of steel; and the ‘Gongzheng’ tables are made of interlocking aluminium panels, enabling them to expand and contract to different lengths and widths.

Courtesy of Ignant