“Light Project” by Nanda Vigo in Milan

Light, transparency, immateriality”: this is “Light Project” by Nanda Vigo, the exhibition about the amazing work of the artist and designer from the 60’s Milanese cultural scene. Nanda was born in Milan in 1936 in an acculturated family that taught her how to appreciate the architectural and artistic world. She was a child when she met the artist Filippo De Pisis and she started studying the Giuseppe Terragni’s architecture. Here in the heart of Milan, you can contemplate about 80 works – between projects, sculptures and installations – of the artist, all focused on the light’s theme (which is a non-material material), color, space generation through its immateriality. It’s a journey from the Sixties to our Century to discover Nanda Vigo, a woman who had to fight in the world of art, architecture, and design in those years because of the very limited female presence (she was one of the few women active in Milan). Nanda Vigo at the Royal Palace brings her chromatic studies, the games with natural and artificial lights, the wide use of mirrors: it seems like being in a psychedelic dream. Don’t miss it, it’s going to finish soon!

Courtesy of Collateral