Laura Hendricks Combines Multiple Landscapes In Her Inventive Series The Stay

The Utah-based artist Laura Hendricks creates surreal photo collages, layering her own photographs of different landscapes to form each individual artwork. Her series ‘The Stay’ is a collection of two-dimensional mixed-media works that have three-dimensional illusions.

Creating these architectural works allows Hendricks to merge multiple art mediums into single pieces; photography, graphic design, and painting. “I’m just making the visual worlds I want to see and be a part of,” she explains. “I want to see unique and creative buildings—man-made structures that borrow from the surrounding landscape’s color palettes and shapes. I want to marvel at that relationship.” The results depict otherworldly scenes mounted in geometric frames, that touch on Hendricks’ desire to see a more considered approach to design. “If we’re going to continue to expand and build, I want it to at least be smarter, more resourceful, and a lot more beautiful,” she says. “I guess I want to be an architect. I guess I sort of am.”
Courtesy of Ignant