THE RAINBOW PROJECT The legendary fashion house embark on a playful adventure for their latest window display

Throughout the years, Louis Vuitton store windows have acted as an open invitation into a world of dreams – with former window displays taking inspiration from Gaston Louis Vuitton’s original sketches to collaborations with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Launched this earlier this month, the fashion house has embarked on a new adventure with their latest window project titled ‘The Rainbow Project’. Created by the company employees and their children, the window showcases a symbol of hope, and evoking the feeling of embarking on a new adventure, with playful colours surrounded by air of lightness and optimism.

Each Louis Vuitton store is unique in its conception with rainbows, either created with stickers or digital shows through animated screens. The summery adventure was gradually unveiled at select Louis Vuitton stores in May.

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Courtesy of Hypebae