Benoit Lapray’s superheroes invade Paris

Strolling a little romantically through the streets of ParisBenoit Lapray had the brilliant idea of replacing the city’s monuments with the heroes of pop culture. Superheroes, famous protagonists of science fiction movies and even cartoons clamorously take the place of the statues that adorn the French capital. It is not the first time that the French photographer does such work, long ago he had imagined them far away from the chaotic metropolis, wandering alone between mountains and hills.

“It’s a way to emphasize that these science fiction heroes are now part of the world’s cultural heritage,” says Lapray. The project was created in collaboration with creative studio 95 Magenta.
A long and complex work, initially made on film, not using any digital camera. Subsequently, the negatives were digitized and retouched, and then we added our superheroes, which we hold so dear.
Below, we leave you all the photos of Paris, which were captivated by all the heroes of Benoit Lapray.

Courtesy of Collateral