“TEEN KNIGHT POEM” Fall/Winter 21 by CELINE Hommes

CELINE Hommes presented “TEEN KNIGHT POEM”, the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, with a wonderful short film set at Château de Chambord – the largest of the Loire Valley castles – entitled “NOUVEAU ROMANTIQUE”, directed by the French fashion house’s creative director, Hedi Slimane. The short film that presents the collection has as its soundtrack a piece commissioned and co-produced by Slimane himself, “Time Slip” made by The Loom, and features young knights riding their steeds, the latter being the undisputed protagonists of the Haute Couture Week that has just passed. Young slender Renaissance knights whose looks are inspired by the British New Romatic subculture and 19th century Romanticism: flouncy shirts, pendant jewelry and Slimane’s iconic skinny jeans. A new goth approach inspired by the Middle Ages but made contemporary by more relaxed cuts that perfectly reflects the presentation conceived by the creative director of the maison.

Courtesy of Collateral