Focus on Tombolini An Italian brand from green to hi-tech

This Marche-based Made in Italy brand combines sartorial attention, innovation and eco-sustainability. On stage for the fall-winter 2022/23 season are the Tombolini – Zero Gravity and TMB Running collections. Featured will be the Zero Impact capsule with biodegradable, eco-sustainable and machine-washable garments.

Tailoring, eco-sustainability and technology meet for Tombolini‘s 2022/23 season.  While history and know-how are reflected in the graceful and timeless appeal of craftsmanship expertise, resulting in garments that are unique in terms of technique and attention to detail, the company demonstrates once again this season its ability and talent to present a coherent and versatile proposal.

Tombolini_Zero Gravity

Tombolini_Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity: The lightest suit in the world

Zero Gravity is the ultimate expression of lightweight fabrics, a perfect mélange of stretch wools, cashmere and silk. Must-have pieces include the double-breasted suit and the one with spear and wider lapel details; but also the bomber jacket and drawstring pants. Knitwear is made from the same jacket fabric.

Formal and upper casual garments meet in a color palette by the Sound of Gray theme, between grays and whites with a contemporary soul. Lazuli Blue, Tombolini’s must-have, harks back to the roots of the brand’s history to express a classic and sophisticated DNA, but also passion, strength and confidence.

Next to Jade, Bloodstone fades into natural colors and subtle shades of green, beige and aubergine, ending with Denim. Finally, Old Oak, which includes a scale from natural beige to brown, gives an informal and unexpected touch, diluting the rigor of winter and creating optical and innovative effects in the camel-chocolate pair.

TMB FW 22-23

TMB FW 22-23

TMB Running: Contemporary Easy-Going

The marriage of sport and elegance is revived in hyperlight, comfortable fabrics with multiple uses, espousing a current and growing trend. Black and blue colors pair harmoniously with Ryc fabric, alongside jersey and techno-wools.
New items include a double-breasted suit in scuba fabric with a two-button jacket and raw-cut pants. New hybrid products such as the hooded jacket and bomber jacket, also in scuba, mark an up-to-date style. The pants, with drawstring waist and elastic at the bottom, are ideal to wear with sweatshirts, t-shirts and sneakers.

Tombolini: Classic & dynamic

Tombolini’s upcoming cold season designed for an elegant, dynamic and up-to-date consumer features innovative fabrics belonging to the classic world, but never taken for granted. While details range from optional buttons and topstitching on lapels, highlights include the formal T300 line and the more contemporary slim drop 8 T800 line. Alongside coats with a sartorial flair, the offer is completed with knitwear and sportswear, along with parkas and bomber jackets with water-repellent properties.