VERSACE X DUA LIPA LA VACANZA 2023 COLLECTION Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa present their co-designed women's collection in the French Riviera.

The VERSACE x Dua Lipa La Vacanza collection’s thematic motif is a reimagined Butterfly & Ladybugs print from the Versace archive. The motif continues across signature Medusa and Greca jewelry as hand painted or crystal details. Voluminous tailoring is layered over swimwear and bralette tops with archival ‘nastro Gianni’ stitch detailing. Greca Goddess bags are the luxurious wardrobe accessory.

“I love the summer and for me this collection celebrates the very best of that time of year. This is the perfect summer collection—from lying by the pool in a fun printed bikini, to dressing-up to dance on hot summer evenings in the perfect evening dress—these clothes immediately make me think of my holidays and being in the sun. Dua loves Fashion, I love Music—we are the perfect duo! We felt like we were on vacation and that is exactly the spirit we want people to feel when they wear our clothes,” said Donatella Versace.

Dua Lipa e Donatella Versace | (©)Versace

Dua Lipa e Donatella Versace | (©)Versace

Versace La Vacanza: archival callbacks.
For admirers of the brand, it is easy to recognize in the bralettes, dresses and men’s buckled vests the rigor of the Versace Fall-Winter 1992/1993 collection. But also the twisted and knotted jersey, inspired by Atelier Versace’s Spring-Summer 1995 collection.
The archival Nastro Gianni seam adorns the bust of dresses inspired by the Spring-Summer 2003 collection, with new cut-out details. And the dresses and metal mesh details recall the era of the 1990s supermodels, brought into vogue by Gianni Versace himself, and here replaced by Irina Shayk, Iris Law, Lila Moss, and Jill Kortleve, among others.

Dolce Vita à-porter
The women’s collection, which also includes some pieces for him, is already available for purchase in Versace boutiques and online, conveyed by an ad hoc campaign featuring the singer herself, photographed by Carlijn Jacobs, as the absolute star.Because, after all, the vacations are just around the corner: “I love summer and for me this collection celebrates the best of this time of year. These clothes immediately make me think of my vacations and the sun,” says Donatella.
She is echoed by Dua: “Digging through the archives, we found that we were drawn to many of the same references, and for me it was really inspiring and fulfilling. I already know that I will be spending my days (and nights!) in La Vacanza all summer long.”