Viviers Studio "Nothing exists in Isolation. Clothing has meaning, because it is personal, if not the most personal"

Founded by Lezanne Viviers, VIVIERS offers a unique experience to building a wardrobe. The brand launched on April 11th 2019 with a showcase at Lotus House, the By- Appointment atelier that also doubles as a concept store, offering a selection of pieces. VIVIERS celebrates the senses and individuality. The collections are made by artisans in Johannesburg at VIVIERS Studio, and breathe the spirit of the city, whilst attempting to redefine luxury. Clothing is created from a place of passion and is intended to allow the wearer to be their radical self.

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Viviers Studio | Collection KARROO, “LAND OF THIRST" | ph Armand Dicker

Viviers Studio | Collection KARROO, “LAND OF THIRST” | ph Armand Dicker

– What are the biggest challenges you have met in your career?

In the current climate and landscape of Global Fashion, I have found it challenging to scale as a conscious, emerging brand from Johannesburg, to an internationally distributed global brand, without compromising one’s integrity from a place of true craftsmanship and sustainability. I believe the system of (fast) luxury fashion and how we engage with and experience clothes, needs drastic changes for a better tomorrow. To me, clothing cannot be luxurious if it is not conscious with an aim to be more sustainable.

– Outside of fashion, what are you currently interested in and how is it influencing your work?

I am an active member in the local contemporary art world in South Africa. Currently I am reading a book by Oscar Wilde, “Only Dull people are brilliant at Breakfast.” I find it fascinating to see how culture was viewed through his eyes, with specifics to art and politics. What has changed, what is still the same? I am also reading ‘Anatomy of the Spirit,’ by Caroline Myss. Esoteric and metaphysical books, that are very practical in the practice of mindfulness, forms part of the continuous inspiration at VIVIERS. The idea that every choice we make is creation itself, is one I am taking from this book. We are all responsible to create the life and future we want to have on planet Earth.

– What is the message you want to send, and what kind of people are you referring to?

Nothing exists in Isolation. Clothing has meaning, because it is personal, if not the most personal.

 – What is your main source of inspiration?

Thought is creation.

 – What about your next project?

The next project, well, to scale our business whilst keeping the integrity and core of who we are, by continuing to work with artists and artisans that see meaning in the human hand.

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