JCP universe Project by CTRLZAK Studio

Inhaling the future, exhaling the past; spoiling the ticking of time by creating the impossible. Stories that make you reflect on their true meaning giving life to creations of worlds unseen. Transforming normality through (im)materiality: JCP’s universe is one of wonder and mystery.

JCP is an eclectic brand that aims to change the design status quo in a revolutionary way. Brainchild of a radical think tank held in Milan in 2015, JCP was conceived by architect Livio Ballabio and is orchestrated by CTRLZAK studio (creative direction of Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos). A fusion between art and design, the brand’s creations blend classic and contemporary style in a surprising new idiom that defies the norms.

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Photo by Silvio Macchi © JCP Universe