THE NAUTICAL LUXURY Mediterranean Cabin On The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera cabin that Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet have designed is a stunning aesthetic result of Mediterranean cocoon.

The Monaco-based firm of Humbert & Poyet, who met during their first year of architecture school took on a small, derelict cabin in a prime location between Bordighera and San Remo, and renovated it with great care and insight. Truly derelict and measuring no more than 48m2, it had no bathroom, had been left to the mercy of the elements, and practically had no roofing to speak of, all of which seem distant memories in what is the design duo’s final creation.

Conscious of its restrictions, the cabin uses the historicity and aesthetic elegance of its materials to be at one with the landscape and the seascape, indeed with the Italian narrative of natural beauty itself. The architect’s call it a stunning romantic escape, and it is: An ideal escape for those who are never lost at sea.

Courtesy of Yatzer