American Vintage Spring/Summer 18 Film

“A mysterious, cosmopolitan archipelago: the waves of Tenerife and its pristine nature explode with bursts of passionate laughter.” Inspired by this landscape, photographer Julia Champeau shares her authentic vision. In this fourth collaboration with American Vintage, she whisks us away to an untouched world, free of frills and artifice, in harmony with the emotions that she conveys. This is the story of a group of friends, a trip driven by their thirst for freedom and adventure. The tale begins with a vagabond mood in the air. Their joy of being together again fills them with sweet excitement. After meandering amongst lush palm trees, it is in the sea air that they release their pure and sincere emotions, a ringing declaration of their desire to exist. In the wafting pine breeze, their faces glow, serene and soothed. One by one, they run, dance and spin, unhindered even by dawn. The photos capture the innocent smiles sparked by the euphoria of this road trip between land and sea. Now with their feet in the water and their eyes dazzling with sunlight, they weave bonds that will be immortalized by the nostalgia of this summer poetry.

CREDITS Photographer : Julia Champeau (Adamsky) Models : Shaneke Guyher (Elite Paris), Britt Van Der Voort (Elite Paris), Florence Clapcott (IMG), Dani Van Der Water (Premium Models) Movie director: Thomas Lachambre Stylist : Alexandra Elbim (C’est La Vie Agency) Makeup Artist : Satoko Watanabe (Artlist) Hair Stylist : Olivier de Vriendt (Artlist) Production : La Multinationale