Miramonti Boutique hotel

Making our way together. Side by side. Travelling various countries. Discovering the world. Getting to know the hotel business and to love being a good host. We have met well-traveled and down-to-earth locals. Made valuable experiences. And there – in the distance – we recognized our greatest desire: to combine the unique beauty of South Tyrol with the special things in life. It took us years of travel to find our place in the idyllic Hafling. Here we realised now our long-desired dream of our own hotel. Carmen loves the extraordinary, the sensuality and to pay attention to the details. Klaus loves the power of nature, the changing of the seasons and the value of peaceful resistance. Together we create a retreat that satisfies all desires. An alpine hideaway, that bewitches immediately. Far away from everyday life. Very close to nature.

Courtesy of  Hotel Miramonti