World of Venus Mansion BY Lee Sol

Every now and then, we all need a good Instagram session to lift our spirits; whether it’s to aimlessly admire the lives of others – daydreaming of weekends on the French Riviera and summers on the Amalfi coast – or to trigger an unexpected encounter with one of the many brilliant creatives exploiting the channel as a platform for their art. Today, we bring you the latter in the form of @venusmansion, the deliciously kitsch account of Korean artist Lee Sol. Predominantly created with 3-D rendering and boasting a distinctly Wes Anderson-esque colour palette, Sol’s work brings together classical iconography and everyday objects to surreal and theatrical effect. A cluster of bubblegum pink sculptures – Michelangelo’s Davids and Venus de Milos, to be precise – huddle curiously around a symmetrically windowed mansion of the same colour; a violet-floored restaurant lies empty, its chairs and tables scattered, as if the diners have fled in a hurry. Whatever scene the graphic artist dreams up, it always sparks the imagination and satisfies the eye – a fact proved by Sol’s recent, witty commission for Vogue Korea, which saw brightly coloured busts sporting designer berets.

Courtesy of  Yatzer