Design Inspiration Pavlov Visuals

In the early 1900s, physiologist Ivan Pavlov conditioned dogs to conduct a determined action in response to a specific stimulus. By ringing a bell and then presenting food to the dogs, Pavlov taught his furry research subjects a behavior they would otherwise be oblivious to. In the process, he discovered an effective learning style. Through repetition of external stimuli, the dogs crafted an association between the bell and the delicious dish of food.

A trio of designers at Pavlov Visuals hinges their entire business on the power of repetition. According to their website, twin brothers, Ryan and Calvin, along with their friend, Josh, aim to “add a bit of music to your brand’s visual identity.” Pavlov Visuals have collaborated with clients ranging from Live Nation and Sony Music to Coors and Reebok. A review of their design portfolio and published works will reveal the creators reliance on scale and shape for developing repetition in a piece.

The usage of lines as the primary design element in the above illustration is a subtle tip of the hat to repetition. It’s intriguing, but simple – two factors brands need to stand out among the media clutter and to quickly communicate their value and core message.

Courtesy of  ethos3